Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme

Academic Mobility for African Sustainable Development/AMAS

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Given the present advances in communication, globalization and the speed of knowledge creation, mobility of the academia through the “Academic Mobility for African Sustainable Development” (AMAS), will be instrumental in creating the stage for contextual and evidence-based development for Africa with effective knowledge exchange between five universities in four distinct regions of the continent.

The Partner Universities (PUs) in the AMAS project are: Moi University (MU), Kenya; Université Mohammed V de Rabat (UM5R), Morocco; Addis Ababa University (AAU), Ethiopia; Université d’Abomey-Calavi (UAC), Benin, and, Universidade Eduardo Mondlane (UEM), Mozambique. Universität Bayreuth (UBT), Germany, is the technical partner to the project (TP), while Moi University (MU) is the Leading Applicant. Beyond the conventional structures of internationalisation of Higher Education in Africa with the ‘Developed World’ our project in the framework of the EU-Intra-Africa Mobility Scheme, provides opportunities for both individuals and institutions to exchange academic and cultural experiences, and develop sustainable academic networks through mobility.

In this regard, the AMAS mobility programme will be a learning ground for future higher education harmonization process through recognition of qualification among the collaborating institutions. In addition, the project provides an opportunity for innovative thinking and enhanced ways of academic collaborations among the participating Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) by fostering excellence in academic trainings and research outputs through intra-Africa mobility.

The trend of South-South higher education collaboration has not been much developed in Africa as compared to the North-South because of various socio-cultural, linguistic and historical factors. AMAS in this regard will play a vital role bringing five universities from four regions of Africa in developing a comprehensive and sustainable mobility program that facilitate the South-South cooperation among African HEIs.

AMAS is innovative since it addresses identified challenges and risks that we seek to overcome by means of strengthening competitiveness and mutual benchmarking. We implement internationalisation by building on Common thematic Fields of Study (CFS) that create the common ground of exchange of students and staff. At the same time, the collaborating universities will exchange on how to facilitate the recognition of studies and qualifications on the grounds of lived practice.

Parallel to the CFS, we identified study programmes, which are unique at each of the participating institutions. They form a set of Special Benefit Programmes (SBP). These SBP offer distinctive specialisations at the host institutions, which add unprecedented value to a student’s formation not available at the home institutions (see 2.1 below). Moreover, the students’ experiences will influence the development of existing and/or the implementation of new study programmes at the home institutions.

 Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme


Academic Mobility for African Sustainable Development/AMAS

The overall objective of the Intra-Africa Academic Mobility programme is to promote sustainable development and ultimately contribute to poverty reduction by increasing the availability of trained and qualified high-level professional manpower in Africa.


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